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So you're excited about starting your journey as a content creator but then you realize you don't know where to start!! No need to panic. Let me help you through the process. In addition to receiving my 12-month "Crushing Your Social Media Goals" Planner that I've used personally to grow by over 15k followers on both Tiktok and Instagram, become monetized on three social media platforms, and work with over 20 brands, you'll also receive a monthly accountabily partner (ME) to assist you through the process and make sure you stay on task.


This 1-month accountability and coaching package includes monthly 60-minute meetings to discuss your goals for the month (this is where the "Crushing Your Social Media Goals" Planner is crucial), document and discuss your goals, review your social media platforms to ensure we are crushing it on all platforms, learn how to create quality content, pitch to brands, and much more!!


This package also includes monthly social media collab opportunities and resources.


The document is in Microsoft Word and can be edited for your personal goals!! 


Planner includes:


- weekly content posting

- brand collaboration tips

- monthly content reminders

- analytic tracking

- content creator necessities 

- end of the month/year social media reflection

- MORE!!


6-month and 12-month options are available upon request!!


You will receive an email within 48 hours of payment confirmation to schedule first consultation and next steps. 

MONTHLY ACCOUNTABILITY: Crushing Your Social Media Goals

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