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2024 Group Trips

Ready for a cultural travel experience like no other? TRAVEL WITH ME!

I'm Karina but you may know me as Karina Worldwide on social media. I love traveling and exploring different cultures and my favorite type of travel is cultural immersion with a side order of luxury. 

As someone who has lived in four countries and traveled to five continents (mostly solo), I've learned to appreciate different cultures while traveling and have thoroughly enjoyed building connections with people around the world. I'm excited that you've expressed interest in traveling with me and I can't wait to introduce you to new experiences. Below is a list of upcoming group trips. Stay tuned!!



APRIL 2024



JULY 2024


Aicha, Kenya Trip (July 2022)

Seeing a kill durning a safari was a dream come true for me and having my first Hot air balloon experience in Masai Mara was a beautiful surprise. Thanks to everyone who was part of making this trip amazing. It was also great to see how excited the host was too when doing some activity or safari. I laughed so much durning the trip and had a great time. Sometimes I remember things of the trip and start laughing again. Big thank you again and all the best while creating new amazing trips.

Domonique, Kenya Trip (July 2022)

Wow! I really enjoyed myself. Karina did an amazing job making sure we experienced Kenya the way most people don't and she's actually even funnier in real life. She always made sure we felt safe and comfortable. I will definitely be traveling with her again. 

Candace, Kenya Trip (July 2022)

I was skeptical about doing a group trip since I've been a solo traveler most of my life but Karina set the bar high. I built connections with both the others from the trip and even locals that will last a lifetime. I can't wait until the next trip. Take all my coins next year!

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