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Karina Henry is a proud New York native with Southern roots who purchased a one-way plane ticket to China where she lived and worked as an English teacher for two years. Karina enjoys exploring the world and has lived in four countries (USA, Thailand, China, and Mexico). In addition to traveling, she enjoys helping others explore the world. Through her teach abroad program, many individuals have moved abroad as teachers! Karina is the founder of Karina Worldwide LLC. and Karina’s Virtual Learning Academy for ESL Learners. She is also the author of the book series, “The Amazing Adventures of Kaylen the Kid Traveler,” a children's travel book series inspired by her real-life experiences as a teacher living in China and traveling throughout Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe.


When Karina isn’t traveling the world, teaching, or writing, she enjoys spending time with her awesome support system and shopping! She also enjoys documenting her adventures, struggles, challenges, and triumphs as an expat to inspire others who are interested in living life while experiencing the world – whether domestically, internationally, temporary, or permanently. 

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