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Creating content is easy. Consistently creating unique content that is engaging for your audience and increases your exposure can be a bit difficult. That's why I'm here. People who are interested in becoming content creators immediately want to partner with brands and become monetized on social media platforms but the first step is always YOUR CONTENT!!


The first step to creating content is finding your niche. During our 60-minute "Crushing Your Social Media Goals" session, we will discuss how you can find your niche (hint: it isn't 'travel' or 'lifestyle' because those are too vague). Once we discover your niche, we'll work to create a next steps plan to assist you with crushing your social media goals like a BOSS!


I grew by over 15K followers on Tiktok and Instagram, became monetized on Tiktok, Instagram, and Yotube, and have partnered with over 20 brands for paid collabs this year alone by finding my niche and creating content using my social media goals planner. I can't wait to help you crush your social media goals. 


This service includes the "Crushing Your Social Media Goals" planner (WordDoc so you can edit it to your personal goals!!). 


Planner includes:


- weekly content posting

- brand collaboration tips

- monthly content reminders

- analytic tracking

- content creator necessities 

- end of the month/year social media reflection

- MORE!!


You will receive an email within 48 hours of payment confirmation to schedule first consultation and next steps. 

60-MINUTE CONSULTATION: Crushing Your Social Media Goals

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